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Phone tour 2020!

So I thought I would do something a little different today and show you though my phone. My phone means so much to me and I spend most of my waking time using it so I thought this would be a cool thing to do. Cool or boring… lets see! My phone My phone is an […]


World book day costume ideas!

So tomorrow is world book day and I had some grand plan to go out and make up some costumes and talk about how I made it. I was going to be awesome! But like most parents currently scrambling to get kids ready I totally forgot and honestly this blog post is probably going up […]

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Storytime from space

So in August last year I wrote a blog post called The importance of bedtime stories. I spoke about how you need that experience and how it can be an amazing connection with your child. But I also think reading to a child can be massively inspirational. There are so many beautiful books out there […]

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So I just read Outspoken: 50 speeches by incredible woman by Deborah Coughlin and …

So I bloody love inspirational speeches or quotes, the amount of times I’ve read something inspirational and got a little emotional. So when I was looking to spend a book gift voucher I got for Christmas and spotted this book I knew it was perfect. Outspoken: 50 speeches by incredible woman by Deborah Coughlin was […]