Book accessories to treat yo’ self with.

So at Christmas I did a post where I talked about good gifts for literary friends and today I wanted to do something a little like that but talking about useful things that could enhance your reading experience. This is mostly because I spoiled myself a little and I want to show you Book accessories to treat yo’ self with because right now we all need that! 

Handmade Fabric Hardcover Size Book Cover

So this is the thing I treated myself with. I most definitely think this is really cool, especially if you carry books around in your bag and they have a tendency to get beat up and bashed around. They also just look really cute, with loads of different designs on Etsy. I got mine from NeedlesRiddle but BookBestiesUK has nice book sleeves.

Book clip lamp

This one is good for if you share a bed or bedroom with someone this is a really handy little tool so you don’t have to have the main light or bedside lamp on. This one, a Harry Potter themed, is really cooL but you can pick them up from Amazon for not very much money. 

Thumb book page holder

I really wish I had known about this when I was commuting to and from College. I was often left standing on the bus and it made it a lot harder to read so something like this is perfect for that. As well as reading laying down. IDEAWoodCompany does a beautiful wooden one that you can have a name engraved on and WoodenAndroydStudio does a really simple one.

Book rest

This is something I keep telling myself I need but never buy. I would use this to be able to read when I do the dishes and other chores but I’ve just never gotten round to it. PixelScienceShop does really cute crock ones, both wood and plastic. I really like the wood one. Armatuer also does a really nice wood one that could fit into a kitchen.


As someone who collects second hand books finding one with a bookplate is something amazing. Bookplates is a stamp or mark on the inside of a book that marks where the book comes from, the name or the library. Now you can have your very own! The literary gift company have some really good ones and PaperLuxStationery do customary stamps too!

A good reading blanket

I think most book lovers have that dream, of sitting curled up in a cozy chair on a rainy day with a warm drink and an amazing book under a soft blanket. Well why not fulfill that dream with a book themed blanket!? Litographs offer some amazing options with whole books printed on them. As well as Redbubble having some really pretty designs if you’re looking for something that will help you support independent artists.  

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