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So I’ve been thinking about writing this post for months and I feel like now is a good time. When I started this blog I knew I had two goals, I wanted to make this blog something that’ll preach good things and help educate people on why they should shop independently and to one day have my own bookshop. So today I want to talk about where I am with this dream and where I want to go with it.

The idea started out when I got the idea for a portable book shop, this idea coming from an article I read online about a woman who had a fabric shop in a camper van and traveled to festivals and other events selling out the van. This is where the idea came from. I adore VW camper vans but knew that it wasn’t a big enough space so I started looking at other options. I discovered there was a whole community of this sorts of business in America. Iron Dog Books is a good example of one of these companies as well as Streetbooks. There’s also some similar concepts around the UK with words on water, a book barge.

I looked into different things I could use, going from a bus to a camper van to an ambulance but honestly nothing seemed to fit what I wanted. I just know I need something that I can drive on my UK licence and that will be big enough to carry all the books that I would want to sell. I mostly settled on an ex ambulance but I’m still not sure. I also like the idea of a more boxy van that I could put shelves on the side of so people wouldn’t have to go inside.

I then decided that to do this amazing idea I would probably need some money so I started looking into investment. I knew I wanted to try and stay away from banks as I didn’t want to have to pay back a bank loan. I went through some different options and settled on the Princes Trust. They’re an amazing team of people who offer help and funding, I would really recommend you check them out if you’re in the UK and looking for funding for a business.

But here’s the kicker… My dream is really to have a brick and mortar shop, somewhere in the middle of Durham city center that I can make my own. I love traveling and I would love to do that more but I feel like with an actual shop it’ll allow me to do more and fill up the space better. If I do decide to do that I’ll need to drop Prince’s trust as they don’t offer enough funding for a shop but I would still go through with it because I feel the mentorship would really help me out.

I looked into maybe buying an established shop but I like the idea of building something from the ground up that is mine. Me and my mam have already started to brainstorm what I would want the shop to look like and what it would be called. My favorite name right now is ‘blind dog books.’ names after my beloved blind doggy.

So the next step is to finish a business plan, something I’ve already started. I also want to start looking at properties and look into ways of getting more money then the Prince’s trust can offer me.

I plan on keeping you guys updated, bring you on this journey with me!

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