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So it’s that season again, where we panic about what to buy people and fight over the last perfect pair of socks for that one special person. And it’s even harder for the bookish ones in your life, they could give you a list of books maybe but then that’s not very personal. So I thought I would offer some helpful ideas of gifts they would love and things a little more personal. 

Cuppa And Classics Book Subscription

I love the idea of book subscriptions (though I can’t afford it) and it’s the perfect gift, allowing a company to pick classic literature as well as offering you the choice of tea or coffee with each subscription. It gives you the book to read as well as a nice hot drink to get comfy with. Get it here.

Cuppa And Classics Book Subscription

‘Once Upon A Time’ Silver Story Book Necklace

This one is a little more on the expensive side but I think it’s very cute and I would adore to get this. The beautiful pendant and chain is both silver and can be personalised, all handmade. It’s a beautiful gift that any booklover would treasure, I know I would. Pick it up here

‘Once Upon A Time’ Silver Story Book Necklace
by BUG

100 Books Scratch Bucket List Poster

This is a thing I would love to have myself and have asked for it. It’s a list of classic and contemporary books that you can scratch off as you read them. This one is a really good one but there’s loads of others that have different books and other options. It’s also nice to put it on your wall and watch your progress through the year. Get it here.

100 Books Scratch Bucket List Poster

Photo Booth BookMark

If you’re looking for something personal but a little more inexpensive a personal bookmark is a super good idea. Places like Etsy and Not On The High Street offer a huge range and I thought this was a really good example, allowing you to put in photos as well as a personal message at the bottom. There’s so many different things you can do with this to make to personal and I love it. Get it here.

Photo Booth Book Mark

Old Book Candle.

This is something I’ve been looking at for years but have just never felt like I could splash out on that. Every bookish person loves the smell of books and so to have a candle that smells of that is something very special. This is the first one I came across but I know there’s loads of different sellers on Etsy selling a similar thing. There’s also other options such as Sherlock’s study and Rainy day reading as well as smaller candles and wax melts. Grab it here!

Book Themed Candle

Custom Miniature Book Necklace

This is another really cute and personal gift. It allows you to pick a book cover and they’ll turn it into a necklace for you. It’s such an amazing idea and much like the first gift I mentioned on this list it’s something beautiful for you to keep and treasure. I would love a To Kill A MockingBird or Series Of Unfortunate Events one. Get it here.

Custom Miniature Book Necklace

Kindle Paperwhite Case with Foldback Book

So this is something that I would never huge, I don’t use a Kindle, but I still think this is a cool gift for people who do. The Kindle case securely holds your Kindle and totally covers the whole of the device, the cover looking like a book and the inside is even patterned, even has the bookplates. It’s perfect!

Kindle Paperwhite Case

Literary Fortune Cookies

These are so cool! These fortune cookies come in both vanilla and chocolate, the inside fortunes having quotes by famous authors offering life advice. They are amazing and I love the idea of them, such a cool idea. Grab them here.

Literary Fortune Cookies

Personal Library Kit

This is such a good idea and fixed a booklover’s worst nightmare, lending out a book and not getting it back. This cute little kit comes with self-adhesive Bookplates, date stamp and ink pad, checkout cards and pencil allowing you to keep track and set up your own little library. It can be found here.

Personal Library Kit

So here you are, some amazing gifts for the booklover in your life so you don’t have the awkward task of making a list of authors and book titles. 

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