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The Festive Christmas Book Tag

So I thought I would do the festive Christmas book tag as a way to kind of break up all the other posts I’ve been doing lately. It’s something fun and a bit more relaxed. This tag was created by booktuber GirlReading and I found it on jenniely’s blog. So here we go!  1. A […]


Gifts for book lovers

So it’s that season again, where we panic about what to buy people and fight over the last perfect pair of socks for that one special person. And it’s even harder for the bookish ones in your life, they could give you a list of books maybe but then that’s not very personal. So I […]

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The tea about DailyLit

So I’m constantly looking for ways to absorb more books and literature into my brain, that could maybe be audio books or something like that, and as a book blogger I’m always looking for something interesting to write about. Then I stumbled across the perfect combination of the two! DailyLit is an amazing website that […]

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The TBR Trap

So I know it’s a running joke in the bookish community that you TBR list is normally a lot bigger than the books they’ve actually read, I love the memes on Instagram and Facebook, but as a reader with very little money, room and someone with a need to not get trapped in this meme […]

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Reading Habits Bookish Tag

So I was looking for fun things to write about and I stumbled across the Reading Habits Bookish Tag on Jenn’s blog, I thought it would be a lot of fun! So hear we go! (Tag created by TheBookJazz.) 1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading? I read anywhere I can […]