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Book accessories to treat yo’ self with.

So at Christmas I did a post where I talked about good gifts for literary friends and today I wanted to do something a little like that but talking about useful things that could enhance your reading experience. This is mostly because I spoiled myself a little and I want to show you Book accessories […]

Book Recommendations, book review

So I just read Outspoken: 50 speeches by incredible woman by Deborah Coughlin and …

So I bloody love inspirational speeches or quotes, the amount of times I’ve read something inspirational and got a little emotional. So when I was looking to spend a book gift voucher I got for Christmas and spotted this book I knew it was perfect. Outspoken: 50 speeches by incredible woman by Deborah Coughlin was […]


The Festive Christmas Book Tag

So I thought I would do the festive Christmas book tag as a way to kind of break up all the other posts I’ve been doing lately. It’s something fun and a bit more relaxed. This tag was created by booktuber GirlReading and I found it on jenniely’s blog. So here we go!  1. A […]


Do I have that book challenge

I do love a book challenge and I’ll happily take any excuse to look through my bookcase and admire it so I thought I would do the ‘Do I have that book’ challenge. It’s 20 questions that allow you to go through your bookcase and explore the books you own. 1. Do you have a […]


Big things in small packages

The format of a printed book has stood the test of time for many years, only really changing when the paperback was introduced in 1935. But of course like most things in this world books can be improved on, or at least that’s what Dutch publisher Royal Jongbloed thought as in 2006 when the first […]