The Greatest Movie You’ll Ever Read

I have a huge love for Novelisations and this was born when I read the Novelisation of the 2017 film Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This film is by far my favourite film and I’m not ashamed to admit it’s one of my favourite books. The book gave so much more than the film, scenes that were deleted or never filmed as well allowing you to know what the characters were thinking at important points in the plot. The reason I loved the Kingsman book so much was there was a relationship that they didn’t have time to build in the film between my two favorite characters.  It was all my fangirl dream come true!

In the 90s there was a huge rise in these kinds of books, almost every film that came out had a novel, The Line of Fire to Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure. And they were hugely popular, they allowed fans to relive their favorite movies over and over while getting new info. The fact that they’re also canon makes them even more appealing.

It’s not just movies and TV shows that have this treatment, it’s also often seen with video games. With this things are often done differently though, these novels are often inspired by the games instead of scene by scene copies, this being because games change depending on the player. But this isn’t a complaint, I like that these expand on the games and give us more canon storyline.

But of course as always I need to be a party pooper. These novels are often very unfair to the writers themselves, they’re normally paid a fixed fee as opposed to being payed for sales. The deadlines are often very strict too, authors often given around 3-4 weeks to finish a novel and sometimes less than this! They’re also dictated by the film itself, very much an afterthought, so if a movie is delayed or pushed forward then the writer needs to adaptable with their time scale. On top of all of this crap they also don’t get their name on the book! This is something I’ve noticed from the movie books I own and have read, the writers for the film or TV show are often listed but it’s a struggle to find the name of the Author of the book.

But of course like most good things time have slowly killed them off. Other then the odd ones coming out such as Kingsman and Cowboys And Aliens there isn’t really a huge amount of them like there used to be. Films like The Avengers: Infinity wars and The Greatest Showman that would have done well with a novel were never given the treatment.

This doesn’t mean it’s totally dead though, there’s still a lot of them being made for TV shows, Dr. Who and Merlin being some examples of that. There’s also a huge demand for novels for young readers and I can understand why. With these kinds of books it’s characters that they’re already in love with and want to read about and often they have pictures and illustrations, it’s a supper cool way to get kids into reading.

I am and will always be a huge fan of these books, as someone who gets very attached to characters this allows me to experience them again as well as shine a new light on them. If you haven’t read them before I really suggest you check one out, there’s loads out there for you to try and maybe you’ll love them as much as I do.

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