World book day costume ideas!

So tomorrow is world book day and I had some grand plan to go out and make up some costumes and talk about how I made it. I was going to be awesome! But like most parents currently scrambling to get kids ready I totally forgot and honestly this blog post is probably going up too late to help anyone but I thought I would post this anyway. So here we are! 

I wanted to show you some costumes that would be easy to make, something that you may even have round the house. 


Matilda is my fav Roehl Dahl book so when I saw this one I knew I had to do it. It really is pretty easy to do. 

All you need it:

  • Blue dress
  • White cardigan
  • White socks
  • Strap shoes
  • Red ribbon

And if you wanted to do the Newt in the jar

  • A jar
  • Some kind of modeling medium. (Play dough, Model magic.)
  • Paint 
  • Clear string

When it comes to the Newt make something that looks like the creature, paint it brown, glue one end of the string to the lid of the jar and the other to the Newt. Fill the jar with water and there you go! Or ignore the water if you want something lighter for a smaller kid. 

Sophie from The Tiger Who Came to Tea

This is a book I know is loved by many kids and I think this is one of the easiest ones. What you will need is:

  • A purple short sleeve dress
  • A long sleeve blue top
  • Colorful leggings
  • A Tiger toy

So easy to do and so effective. I really think the kids will love it and it’s super easy for the parents. 

Little Miss and Mr men. 

This one is the easiest of them all because there’s so many characters you’ll most definitely find one that you can do with the things you have at home. I found these two and I think these would be quick and the younger kids will love them. 

For Mr. Bump you will need:

  • A blue top 
  • Blue pants (or black)
  • Some bandages 

And what you’ll need for Little Miss Sunshine:

  • Yellow top
  • Yellow pants (or black)
  • Red ribbons. 

With this one there’s not much for me to explain, just follow the photo and you’ll have a killed outfit. 

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is a really good one for if you have much younger kids. Maybe nursery kids. I mean look at that image, how can you look at that and not say aww! And this one will hopefully not annoy younger kids or get in the way of play. You will need:

  • Red top 
  • Yellow pen/paint (preferably fabric but if it’s for a one time wear.)
  • Yellow tutu/skirt
  • Cardboard for ears (Yellow) 
  • Hairband to attach the ears to

There’s a little DIY needed for this one, just cutting out ear shapes and attaching them to the hairband. Cute!

Diary of a wimpy kid

This is such a good one and I’ve seen a couple of different versions. But there is some DIY and drawing needed for it. You will need:

  • White cardboard (Or cardboard you painted white)
  • A black marker
  • White Tshirt
  • Blue shorts.

So that’s a wrap for another year’s book day. By this point this will be helpful for no one but I thought it was very interesting to do! 

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